Dobbs PTA Monthly Meeting – Tuesday (8/18) at 6:15, Dobbs Gym

This Tuesday marks the first PTA meeting of this school year. I encourage the community to attend. Some of the topics included are:

*Introduction and inspiring comments on the positive things in our community, by our PTA President. While things have been challenging this year, there are still great things coming from and happening in our area.

*Dr Watson will discuss school news and information.

*Introduction of the new board members. We are so excited about our new board, all active members of our community and eager to make this year successful.By

*PTA Operations information. Quick review of bylaws information and other operational stuff.

*Announcement of calendar. Hear an overview of the events we have planned for the year.

*What does it mean to be a member? Get a quick 411 on the benefits of being a member of PTA, and what it means for you.

*Volunteering – a quick highlight of volunteer opportunities with the focus message that volunteering is what, how much, and where you want it to be.

*Monthly Meetings – the monthly meeting schedule for the year and a quick briefer on some themes that will be covered.

Please be there – this meeting will set the tone for the year. Our PTA is one of the most active PTAs in the school district – this year is going to be even better. We look forward to seeing all your faces.

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