Great Start to a New Year!

Yesterday we held our first PTA meeting of the year. We had an awesome attendance – some new parent faces and some loyal ones that we loved seeing again.

Dr. Watson gave a great summary for the start of the year at Dobbs. He definitely has his plate full. He made a personal request to see an increase in parent involvement at the school.

Our PTA Board Members introduced themselves and individually discussed what we’re doing this year, what it means to be a member, and how volunteering can make a big difference for the achievement of our students.

We are very pleased with our new child watch program – in partnership with Hickman Mills A+ program. Eager minded and well-trained young adults from Hickman watched our very large group of children so the parents could enjoy the meeting. I can’t stress how excited we are to be a part of helping these young ones reach their community service goals for graduation.

We had a huge response to our appeal for membership. As I entered their information into the database I found myself getting giddy to have such a great base of parents willing to devote time and energy into our kids at Dobbs. Love them!

Not to be overlooked is our teacher representation. Dr. Watson and several members of his staff also attended and showed their support. They work hard and have a long day, so we truly appreciate them taking more time out for our kids.

Thanks to all the parents that came out with such a short notice. I was truly wow’d by the crowd that came.

I have to say I love our new board member team. They showed up after a long day at work, organized the meeting, spoke on important topics, and kept their energy going. A lot of hard work goes into the meetings alone – so thanks to all our board members that worked so hard.

Don’t forget – tomorrow night is Back to School Night at the school. Come by, meet the teacher and staff, learn more about the school, and definitely sign up to be a PTA member!

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